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Allusion Blinds

A timeless classic

Bespoke Allusion Blinds inspired by you

Our Allusion blinds offer the perfect blend of privacy, light diffusion and shading for any room in your home.

They enable you to still have the perfect outlook onto your outdoor space whilst still providing coverage for your windows. Allusion blinds look stunning on larger home windows and doors, such as bi-folds and patio doors.

Our Allusion blinds can also be motorised, and with one touch of  button, you have complete control over your blind preferences during the day and night.

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Soft and Light Diffusing

Allusion Blinds are soft and enable homes to filter the flow of light in, but still keep your beautiful outlook when open.

For ultimate luxury, have your Allusion Blinds motorised.

You can also easily walk through your Allusion Blinds when your doors are open, but still offer optimal privacy when closed.

All Allusion Blinds are also fully child safe.

We work with you to select and match the perfect colour and style to your home from our variety off styles, fabrics and colours.

Our files of swatches are limitless. You get to see and touch the samples to ensure you get exactly what you want.

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Our Range

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